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CI . Custom Install Series
DS1200 ci DS1500 ci
DS1200 CI| 12" sub
Sealed | Vented
*DS1200 12" driver
*Plate amplifier
Black or silver driver
Price: $769
DS1510 CI | 15" sub
Sealed (3 - 4 cu ft )/vented (5.5cu ft)
*DS1510 15" (black or silver) driver
*Plate amplifier
Black or silver driver
Price: $NA

GR ci

GR CI | 12" subs
Includes driver/s and amplifier
3 versions
* single 1.8 cu ft sealed box
*dual driver 3.6 cu ft sealed box
*open baffle / infinite baffle

Price: from $769

Subwoofer drivers
DS1200 black sub driver DS1200 silver sub driver
DS1200 | 12" sub driver
DS1200 | 12" sub driver
DS1500 sub driver GR research drivers
DS1510 | 15" sub driver
GR 12" drivers
SW-12-04 dual version
SW-12-16FR (open baffle)
Subwoofer amplifiers

A370 350 watt Direct Servo amplifier


300w Direct Servo amplifier
A370 PEQ3
370w with Parametric EQ
H600 PEQ3
600w with Parametric EQ
A370 XLR
370w with balanced inputs
GR Research
370w with Parametric EQ
370w with balanced inputs
"I am hearing detail in the low frequencies on CDs I did not know existed." ... Linn T > More
"I was in bass heaven. I've made subs before and these don't compare. It's not the box but the technology of these kits that make solid bass so real and life like." ... JL > More
"the subwoofer is truly excellent, tactile and clean with no blurring of the bass line." ... Peter M > More


Why choose CI series?

Our CI series do not include an enclosure. For many this might seem a significant disadvantage! However, for many customers, this is in fact a great advantage. Consider some of the applications:

*Architectural - subwoofers built into a dedicated room
*Infinite baffle - a specific class of Architectural subwoofers
*Custom Dipole designs
*Custom Enclosure designs - to match interior decor
*DIY enthusiasts - those who prefer to build their own

With our CI series, you have the option to build your own enclosure, or source a local cabinet maker. International customers can also save on shipping.

Customers who would prefer to buy a finished product fully assembled are recommended to choose from our finished subwoofer range.

GR Research custom install options

We have teamed up with GR Research to provide cutting edge new products for custom install applications. First we start with GR Research paper cone drivers which have been designed to work with our Direct Servo technology. Three different versions of this driver are supported:

  • single 1.8 cu ft sealed box

  • dual driver 3.6 cu ft sealed box

  • open baffle / infinite baffle

For open baffle and infinite baffle enthusiasts, we present the only servo solution on the market. The advantage of the paper cone is that a smooth and extended upper response is possible.

GR research driver: Features low mass paper cone for excellent transient response and a smooth extended response.

New subwoofer amplifiers

In addition to existing range, we now provide subwoofer plate amplifiers featuring parametric EQ, balanced inputs and higher powered models.

A370 PEQ3
370w plate amp featuring parametric EQ

H600 PEQ3
600w plate amp featuring parametric EQ

A370 XLR2/3
370w plate amp featuring balanced inputs

What's the difference?

With other products on the market, after purchase you are on your own. It's up to you to design your own box and you bear all the risk. Many will not achieve the desired bass extension without modification to the amplifier which will void warranty. Many amplifiers feature bass boost which will not suit most serious enthusiasts. It's very common for diy enthusiasts to modify the amplifier to remove this boost at their own risk. None of our products require such changes. All of our amplifiers have been designed for the driver supplied and will achieve the target response without modifications.

You don't have to be an expert to use our CI products effectively.