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  GR Custom Install
12" Direct Servo subwoofer featuring your choice of three GR Research drivers
GR kits

Introducing our new GR Research custom install products

We are proud to introduce new CI subwoofers based around GR Research 12" paper cone drivers. Three different versions of the GR Research driver cater to different applications. In these subwoofers we now offer the only servo subwoofers on the market for infinite baffle and dipole applications.

3 versions are available:

*dual driver,
*Infinite baffle/dipole

There are many benefits to a custom subwoofer product. For those concerned with spouse acceptance factor, often a subwoofer is best felt and heard but not seen. For others, a subwoofer should match the interior of your home. Either way, our CI series products are the ideal choice. Have it built by a local trusted furniture maker, or if you are handy, you may choose to built it yourself.

Which product is right for you?

The paper cone drivers used in these subwoofers have a very smooth, flat and extended frequency response. As a result they are suitable for a higher crossover point, up to the 120 Hz. Please note that when crossing higher than 90 Hz, we recommend stereo subwoofers.

To determine which product is best for you, please view our product selection guide.

Your choice of enclosure

Direct Servo technology can be applied to any enclosure type - it is not limited to sealed boxes. If you would like to use an enclosure other than sealed or vented, we can design a custom servo board to ensure you receive all the benefits the technology allows. Contact us if you would like to create something different.

Subwoofers for audiophiles

For audiophiles looking for uncompromising accuracy, our subwoofers are the ultimate choice. They feature our Direct Servo technology to ensure accuracy and definition. We don't merely design low distortion subwoofers. We are concerned with eliminating the problems which most degrade the accuracy of a subwoofer. Problems like memory effects which are clearly audible are dramatically reduced. Perhaps you already own a subwoofer but have been disappointed to discover that it added more than extra depth. Or perhaps you have avoided purchasing a subwoofer because you were unwilling to compromise the accuracy of your system. Rest assured that you have found a subwoofer for audiophiles.

Better technology

Nearly all subwoofers on the market are based on outdated technology. Our subwoofers are based on our patented Direct Servo technology. Not only does our technology surpass that of conventional subwoofers, it also offers significant improvement to the performance of other servo systems. In our technology section, we describe the differences between Direct Servo and other servo technologies. Our system is better suited to music reproduction than other servo systems.

Amplifier options

This subwoofer features your choice of two amplifier options. A370PEQ features parametric EQ and will suit most users. For those wanting balanced inputs, our A370XLR amp will suit. It is designed for studio use. A300SE is a lower powered amplifier which is suitable for a larger box.

More information on our amplifiers >

Ordering details

Amps for 8ohm drivers and 16ohms drivers are $10 more expensive as additional wiring preparation is required during manufacturing process.

Standard version

  GR SW12-4 (for 1.6 to 1.8 cu ft sealed enclosure) Price  
  GR SW-12-4ohm (12-24 dB/octave) and A370PEQ Servo amplifier $578 buy it now

OB drivers

  GR SW12-16FR (two 16ohm drivers and one amp, Open baffle) Price  
  GR SW-12-16ohm (12-24 dB/octave) and A370PEQ Servo amplifier. $757 buy it now

Dual drivers for sealed enclosures

With HX800XLR3 amplifier, one can drive two drivers with one single amp. It has two Hypex 400WRMS power amplifier modules in one heat sink so that each module independently drives one driver with servo control. The quickguide of the HX800XLR3 amplifier for sealed subs can be found here.

  Description: two drivers with HX800XLR3 Price  
  Dual driver kit with two SW12-4 drivers and one HX800XLR3 amplifier $957 buy it now

Amplifiers can also be purchased separately. XLR2 and XLR3 amps are $20 extra.

  Servo amplifiers for GR SW 12-4 drivers Price  
  A370PEQ Servo amplifier for GR 12-4 (with HPF RCA outputs) $379 buy it now
  A370XLR2 Servo amplifier for GR 12-4 (with one XLR in and one XLR out) $399 buy it now
  A370XLR3 Servo amplifier for GR 12-4 (with two XLR ins) $399 buy it now

  Servo amplifiers for GR SW 12-16 drivers Price  

A370PEQ Servo amplifier for dual GR SW12-16FR drivers

$389 buy it now

  Servo amplifiers for dual GR SW12-4 drivers Price  

HX800XLR3 Servo amplifier for dual GR SW12-4 drivers

$569 buy it now


The above products and custom enclosures can also be purchased from GR Research.