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Ordering from Rythmik Audio

Exclusively Servo

Our range of Direct Servo subwoofers and CI Custom Installation series of products can be purchased on line directly through our secure shopping cart facility.

We no longer offer individual amplifier or driver in order to focus our effort on servo products.

Payment methods

Payment methods we accept:

* Credit card on-line - you can use credit card with our on-line ordering system. This is the preferred payment method.

* Credit card call-in - you can call in when there is security concern or you have a paypal account but does not want to use paypal account to pay for the item. The reason is our credit card gateway is Paypal. Paypal will force its customers to use Paypal account as preferred payment option. In this case, we can still manually process credit card charge so customers don't have to use paypal account. Just call us.
* Paypal - you can pay via Paypal's secure system with credit card
* Cheque - cheques from other states need two weeks to clear
* Money order or Cashier checks

To order with cheques or money order, please use our shopping cart to find out the total amount, including shipping. Then send us an email or fax us with the following information:

1) shipping address,

2) contact information,

3) model, quantity, total amount (including discount), and

4) special request.

We will send out a confirmation email to verify the total is correct. After receiving the confirmation email, please send the cheque/MO with a copy of the above information and use email to notify us that the cheque/MO is on its way. We will send out confirmation email once we receive the cheque/MO.

Due to increasingly high shipping cost to overseas for complete subwoofers and consequently low follow-through rate after providing shipping quotes, we make the difficult decision of only selling kits to overseas customers.

The standard shipping method for kits to overseas is postal service. The standard power cord is the US version. We don't plan to supply region-specific types. We encourage overseas customers to buy their own power cords and factor in the cost in their budget.

International orders (CI kits only)-- from US

For international orders, our shipping policy has changed as follows. We'd like the customers to find out the most economical carrier for US and destination country. In the past, we use to provide a lot of shipping quote and most of them did not go through. In order to save everyone's time, we now require overseas customers to give us their designated carrier.


Please ensure the power selection is set to the appropriate mains power supply voltage for your country. All orders are shipped with 110-120v as the default selector position. Failure to select the correct voltage could result in amplifier failure, and this is not covered under warranty.

Warranty and Return Policy in US for Complete Subwoofers

At Rythmik Audio, we stand behind our products. Our return policy is as follows:

  • Warranty is 3 years on electronics and 5 years on drivers for complete subwoofers only.
  • For CI kits, the warranty is 2 years.
  • All returns need an RMA number. Please contact us before you return the product.
  • Complete subwoofers can be returned within 45 days after you receive the unit. In case of return, customers only pay for return shipping.
  • All of our shipments are insured. For damaged shipment, please notify the appropriate postal service immediately.
  • All products carry warranty against defects as specified in the product information web page.
  • Products needing service under warranty should be sent to us insured at your cost. We will either send a new unit or repair the returned unit, at our discretion.
  • All other returns of non-defective units are subject to a restocking fee.

International Warranty and Pricing

International warranty is via the distributor in the region. We encourage customers to buy from distributors in order to receive best service. The pricing from the distributor can be higher than US price mainly because the cost of conducting business (such as in import duty and overhead) is different in each country.

Please note:

The warranty does not cover abuse, nor incorrect installation. If you are unsure about any aspect of installation, please contact us rather than risk making an expensive mistake. Abuse includes continuously playing sine wave and other test tones for an extended period. A duty cycle greater than 25% is considered abuse, where the test tone plays for 15 seconds followed by a break of 45 seconds. Abuse also includes, but is not limited to, running the sub in such a way that the excursion limits of the driver are exceeded, or the thermal limits of the driver or amplifier are tested by continuous use for an extended period at high output.