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F12-300 (300WRMS Hypex-based servo amplifier with a quickguide) is on sale $700 for those with a tight budget for a metal cone 12" subwoofer.

FV15HP-SE with H600XLR2 amp: $110 discount on single sub purchase.

F12-300 new

The frequency response is very similar to F12 and can be found in order page. The max upper end extension is 100hz. It also has only one RCA input which can be used for SUB input. We now extend multi-sub discount to single sub purchase.

  Description: Price  
  F12-300 black oak with HX300 amp and 48 states shipping $700 buy it now

L12 white paint B-stock

We have one B-stock L12 white paint.

  Description: Price  
  B-stock L12 white paint $589 buy it now

E15/E15HP2-SE B-stock

We have one B-stock E15HP piano black with a small paint chip around the driver mount edge. It can be installed as either E15 or E15HP2. The unit is new.

  Description: Price  
  B-stock E15 black piano with H600XLR3 amp and 48 states shipping $1298 buy it now
  Upgrade E15HP2 with HX1000XLR3 amp $200 buy it now


FV18 rev1 black oak/black matte New

We have 3 black matte paint finish left. These are brand new. The only difference between these and the current rev is the port cap shape. Otherwise, the enclosure, amplifier, and driver are exactly the same. Multi-sub discount applies (same price for return customers).

  Description: Rev1 models with 3-1/2" port opening Price  
  FV18 black matte paint finish Rev1 with HX1000XLR3 amplifier and multi-tune $1699 buy it now
  Customer picks up from UPS freight terminal (per order, not unit) -$100 buy it now
  2 large furniture mover pads for carpet (add-on per FV18 order) $0 buy it now
  2 large furniture mover pads for hard floor (add-on per FV18 order) $0 buy it now

G25SE piano black B-stock.

We have two of these returned from a local customer. The customer only have it for a month and the condition is like new.

  Description: Price  
  B-stock G25HP-SE piano black finish with HX2000XLR3 amplifier and dual opposed black cone driver freight shipping $2300 buy it now