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  F18 Direct Servo subwoofer
18" sealed audiophile sub with 900WRMS amplifier

Customer Testimonials

Reviewer: Mitchco (posted on AVS Forum)
Product: 2x F18

Thanks @Rythmik for the dual F18's
I listen mostly to rock and concerts The JBL's are digitally XO'd to the F18's at 45 Hz and time aligned with mains using Audiolense. Madonna's Drowned World and Hans Zimmer Live in Prague, as examples, sound deep, tight, and musical. The L12's used previously are no slouch, as I use them with my 2nd system KEF LS50.

The transient response of the F18 is what really sold me. I am not looking for maximum output. The impulse/step response is textbook perfect:

Great fun! Thanks again.

Note from Rythmik: Here are serveral posts and Mitch's own essay style audiolense page for this setup:


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Reviewer: Buck A.
Product: Dual F18 for Magico

Still enjoying the F18's very much. Haven't bothered with REW yet- not too motivated because I don't feel the need to fix anything currently. I'll get around to it eventually and will send you the plots. Here are a few pics of my system with your subs in place. - Buck

Note: Buck switchs from JL dual E112 to dual F18.

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